Massage Therapists:


Yoga teachers:

  • Danae Robinett: Yoga instructor class and personal, vinyasa flow and yin yoga, ayurvedist, leads yoga retreats.

  • Darren Main: Yoga instructor and yoga teacher, leads yoga retreats in California, costa rica, and India.

  • Nick P :Yoga instructor and wellness coach. Intense and motivating classes.



  • Laura : genius graphic designer, designed my logo and website, photographer, and artist or

  • Elizabeth McFarlane: Photographer and animal massage and acupressure

  • Sarah Mccarthy: Whimsical and beautiful potter. She made water cups in my office.

  • Jeff Hawkins: Tinkerer and wood crafter. He made my beautiful succulent laden
    sandwich sign and incredible shelving system in my office.



  • 22nd Market: Fabulous organic and greek selection less than 1 block east

  • Marnee Thai: Comforting and healing post massage food two doors down from my office

  • Yum Yum: Excellent Sushi 1 block east

  • Sunrise Deli: Best falafal in town 1 block east