For over 15 years I've focused on the anatomy of the body and how it moves in space.  

About me...

With extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal health science and injury rehabilitation I help realign your body using massage.  

Using these modalities I balance out muscles. Afterward, I design customized exercises and stretches that will help you with your balance and posture. I also include thermo-therapy using heated towels with aromatherapy, hot rocks, and heated grain compresses.

As a Doula of 8 years, I am also certified in Prenatal and Postnatal massage.  I help ease hip and back pain, carpal tunnel and neck aches, swelling in ankles, and give take home stretches and tips to create more comfort in your body. In Postnatal work I help realign your muscles and organs as your body heals.

I have seen the benefits in my clients lives after helping them align their body, reduce their pain and provide them with genuine relaxation.

All linens, creams, aromatherapy oils, and cleaning products are 100% Organic*



Established in 2002.

With over 12 years of experience in dance, Doula work, Chiropractic assisting, and managing a gym Onyia gained an early love of caring for the body.    

Onyia has been practicing bodywork since 2002. She graduated in 2007 from University of Western States, Portland, Oregon.

She established Onyia's Rehabilitative Massage June of 2012.  

Onyia has been at the Irving street location since 2013.

Continuing Education 2013-Ongoing:  

  • Brian Utting: 100 + hour training for Deep tissue and myofascial massage with deep anatomical and physiological connections.  Multiple assist teaching his anterior neck class, deep hip Psoas and lower back class, shoulder girdle, and rib cage breathing support with myofascial release.
  • Pat O'Rourke: 100+ hour training on myofascial deep tissue and structural injury repair with a Cranio Sacral therapy approach.
  • Erene LeJune:  100+ hour training on Chinese (Chi Nei Tsung) and Mayan Abdominal massage, pre and postnatal abdominal massage, and Buddhist mediation.
  • Christopher Deprato: Head of PT at UCSF and head PT with male swim and gymnastics US Olympic team.  Ongoing training with myofasical decompression cupping and gua sha. 
  • Josh Morton: Active release
  • Rock Tape: Rock taping for nerve entrapment, fascial restriction, injury stability, and unwinding.
  • Steve Enko & Mike Hamm: Neurofascial manipulation for nerve entrapment.
  • Tanya Hughes: Breath work
  • Yulia Rylkova & Viki Ius: 20+ hours of Thai massage
  • Carole Osborne: 40+ hour training on Pre & Perinatal Massage therapy. 

Onyia is an absolute godsend! From the minute she welcomes you into her studio with the warmest smile, you know you’re in good hands!
— Wawi G, San Francisco, CA